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Professional Design Solutions

First impressions are everything!

Graphic Design & Printing: Whether you already have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and just need help with a few key elements, or are starting from scratch, our team of graphic designers can help you develop and print signage that perfectly complements your company's intent and brand identity.

Logo Creation: For new businesses or businesses that need re-branding, our designers will help you develop memorable company branding. We always work closely with you throughout every step of your logo design process to create a logo that accurately reflects your company’s products, services while complementing your business identity.

Signage Options

Banners: You can choose from a wide range of banners options at U.C. Sign Co. We offer full color and custom vinyl banners for companies looking to make a unique, bold, or stylish statement.

Flags: Flags sign are a bright and whimsical way of getting noticed. We offer custom designs and flags kits a great prices.

Monument & Pylon Signs: Get noticed with a one-of-a-kind pylon sign. U.C. Sign Co. has a history of creating eye-catching designs, built using durable construction methods that last.

Electric Signage: Lit Channel Letter Signs: The dimensional letters are made of high quality aluminum, plastics or acrylics with custom colored trim caps and/or metal retainers, illuminated with UL approved LEDs, to be both beautiful and cost effective.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letter Signs: These signs combines both front lit letters, along with reverse lit lighting, for illumination of both sides of your signage. Providing a visually stunning sign for your customers.

Halo Signage:  Mounted onto standoffs away from the wall Halo lit letters  provide and innovative way to advertise your business. Both color or white LEDs can Illuminate the wall surface behind the signage providing a halo effect. This technique gives the sign a distinguished look, making it stand out amidst your competition.

Cabinet & Cloud Cabinet: Not all cabinets are created equal. At U.C Sign Co. we make original sign to showcase your business.Our illuminated cabinet designs can be designed for all types of applications. Imagine your logo, oval, rectangle, or square shaped wall cabinet sign promoting your business. Our manufacturing and materials to build your sign, our expert technicians guarantee a superior wall sign that you can be proud of hanging on your business.

Reader Boards: Full color, daylight legible LED signage is becoming more affordable. With easily programmable LED displays, ads can be targeted by promotional, seasonal, limited engagement or combination to meet your company's needs. Contact our staff today for pricing on this innovative new way to advertise your business

Repair: U.C. Sign Co. Is UL approved and will happily retrofit your old sign cabinets making them brighter and more cost efficient with our high quality LEDs and power supplies. We are licensed and insured, with over a decade of experience providing quality sign service. U.C. Sign Co. welcomes the opportunity to update or repair your old sign to help get your business noticed!

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